Intermedian International is an international media buying and placement firm with offices in Hong Kong and mainland China. We start our global media business since 2003. Currently, we have our associated partners in India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Malaysia in Asia; in Germany, Italy and UK in Europe; in Middle East, U.S.A and Latin America.

Our primary strength is at our two own marketing offices in Korea and China. We are able to plan & buy all kinds of print media, outdoor and online ads in these countries at competitive rates. The information of our website is intended to provide a brief introduction of the leading publications that we can advertise for you in China. For advertising in any of these publications for greater cost-efficiency and advertising impact, please e-mail or call us now.

This website content is specially designed for our clients who can easily download the media information that they may require. It doesn't mean that all these publications are officially represented by us. If any publishers / media owners have found their titles/products are displayed here and they wish to remove it, please let us know.


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