Founder of Intermedian International formed his international media buying company after working years in Publicitas Hong Kong and previous some 2 decades solid experience in the trade fair industry for both sales & marketing jobs of various exhibitions in Asia. We now offer our clients required prompt & adequate updated media information. Below they are part of our past and current clients ........... to name but a few :

AT & T. Chevron. Concert. Zte Corp. Deutsche Bank. Nokia Network. Panasonic. Credit Suisse First Boston. Gianni Versace. Marlboro Classic. St.John. Philips Semiconductor (NXP). Motorola Semiconductor (Freescale). Pricewaterhouse. Shangrila. Harbour Plaza. Taiwan Tourism. Emirates. Dragon Air. Qualcomm. Lucent. Vietnam Airlines. ANA. Wavecom. Stareast. com. Goldman Sachs. Lehman Brothers. ETS. Italian Tourism Board. Invest Italy. Swarovski. D & G. Saudi Arabia Airlines. Delphi. BUPA. GGB. ICA. Dana. Parker. Avaya. Caterpillar. Inmarsat. Dow Corning (Xiameter). Dow Corning (Cable&Wire). Dow Corning (Solar). Dow Corning (Construction). Intel. Seal Master. Toscana Promozione. SDA Bocconi. SIMEI. Alitalia. Sotheby's. Marcolin. MMTC. Man Truck & Bus AG.


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